The “moveme” table can have many functions, become comfortable table near a sofa; normally the small table is located far from the sofa and his low hight so it’s not comfortable.
The “moveme” table with its own ergonomic hight, make possible to place different objects, like glasses, books, ashtray, and let it possible to have snacks while you are easy seated in the sofa. The “moveme” table is solid and light at the same time, can be easly moved and can have many functions like a bedside table, a support near a kitchen table and many other functions.
The “moveme” table is composed by a wood base, painted with particular kind of painting, and a small iron or alumium pale, and on the top of it is inserted the circular support plane, realized in various dimensions.
The metallic small pale can be lighted by a led lamp located inside of it, and become a courtesy light through cuts in the pale. The cable of 12 volt power supply, can be easly removed, like a smartphone cable. The IP20 protection is guaranteed.
The most exciting part is the artistis finishing of the material that gives to the abject the unicity and exclusivity of each peace. The artistic approach of Ojdana Petrina gives to the object an special caratteristica, applying pictorical techniques and special treatments, through four applications and a last protective finishing water, that make the support plane antiscratch and waterproof.
This is the final product with different decorations, in different dimensions and with the opportunity to release the light.


  BLUARTE DESIGN - Velimira Škorpika 17 B, Šibenik - Croatia