Few lines generated the artistic lamp “GIO”
Talking about GIO, that stands for geometry, strictness, vanishing point, rays, angles could seem a contradiction and combining also the word artistic, that doesn’t have strict lines, and is free.
In this case the rogour of the design and the geometric mold produce an artistic effect to the shape, to the materials and specifically to the finishing given by the precious hands of the experienced artist Ojdana Petrina.
The intention of the designer Giuliano Colombini and the artist Ojdana Petrina, that operate together this realization, was to define an object with interesting dimensions, that besides its own function to produce light, could become a sculptural shape, through his dimensional appearance. Saying in seafaring language: a “conspicuous point” of a house or a space where is located.
Technical features. Inside two glazed and temperated glass, 620 mm diameter, is located a light source, held in a circular acrylic opaline element, composed by a RGB led that produce different colors, 20 tones from red, from green, from blue, from white, that can be changed by a remote control.
The Led are 7 Watt ( comparable 40 Watt incandescent lamp). Near by are located two couples of white led light sources, overall 16 Watt (comparable 100 Watt incandescent lamp) controlled by a dimmer remote control.
The lamp, through the different use of the colors, give a different tones to the environment, and this trait gives to sensory perception a sensation of relax and wellness, a kind of a chromotherapy.
The lamps are 12 Volt powered; the transformer is located in the wall outlet, given a safety use. Protection grade IP20.
The materials are basic: marble, wood, steel, glass, aluminium and polycarbonate.
The MD and plywood facade of the lamp are finished with bas relief pictorical techniques done by the artist Ojdan Petrina.
This is an object that lives in its own light, an object that can be customized with colors on request.
All used materials are follow current regulations.


  BLUARTE DESIGN - Velimira Škorpika 17 B, Šibenik - Croatia